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Fast Fun Fitness has specialized in training new health club owners and their employees how to operate a 30-minute express fitness franchise center since 1997 by supplying them with exactly what they need.

The Concept: Although, athletes have been using various circuit training techniques for over 40 years, the concept of doing it with hydraulic fitness equipment has only been around for about 25 years. Since the introduction of hydraulic circuit training equipment, it has been used for many kinds of physical conditioning regimens, including physical therapy, professional athletic training and weight loss.

The Results: Quick and easy results, whether training for an athletic event or wanting to lose two dress sizes, is what sets this fitness program apart from conventional methods. Whether you’re looking to quickly increase muscle endurance, aerobic power or to lose weight, results come fast if you follow the 30-minute hydraulic circuit routine. In 30-minutes you’ll workout every major muscle group on hydraulic resistance machines while getting your heart rate into your target zone for maximum cardiovascular benefits. The program is usually done to music with a voice cue or an instructor telling you to move to the next machine every 30 to 40 seconds.

Popularity: It’s most notable popularity began in 1995 when the Curves For Women fitness franchise started selling the hydraulic circuit training concept to entrepreneurs looking for a franchise business that provided low operating costs with high cash returns and a promise of residual income. The Curves For Women fitness program attracted the de-conditioned beginner exerciser with a smaller, less intimidating facility. Curves also utilized the weight loss results of hydraulic circuit training program to not only attract those looking to begin an exercise program but to also capture the attention of consumers interested in losing weight. In the U.S.A., Curves now boasts over 2 million members.

Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 500 Franchise list ranked Curves for Women fitness franchise in the top 10 of the fastest growing franchises in the U.S. and Canada for the past 3-years, with Curves coming in #2 for 2003 and 2004. Among the top 10 franchises, Curves For Women also came in with the second to the lowest start-up costs, outranked only by Jani-King Commercial Cleaning franchise.

(Entrepreneur states on their website this notice: “We do not measure subjective elements such as franchisee satisfaction or management style, because these are judgments only you can make based on your own needs and experiences. Remember that the Franchise 500 is not intended to endorse, advertise or recommend any particular franchise. It is solely a research tool you can use to compare franchise operations. Entrepreneur stresses that you should always conduct your own independent investigation before you invest money in a franchise. Read the UFOC and related materials carefully; get help from an attorney and a CPA in reviewing any legal documents; talk to as many existing franchisees as possible, and visit their outlets. The best way to protect yourself is to do your homework.)

Expansive Growth: There are only 23,500 health clubs in the U.S. today and the industry has grown from 19.1 million members in 1996 to over 39.4 million members and annual revenue for 2003 were $14.1 billion dollars.

The Curves For Women fitness franchise, now boasting over 8,000 franchisees worldwide, along with the expansive grow of the fitness industry as a whole, proves that the timing of this opportunity is now! No other time in history has the fitness industry seen such phenomenal growth.

Whether you are a personal trainer, fitness instructor or entrepreneur the thirty minute workout gym is a perfect business opportunity for someone wanting to have fun, slim and tone and make money at all at the same time.

Size and Scope of the U.S. Commercial Health Club Industry: The commercial health club industry (comprised of approximately 23,500 health clubs) makes an enormous contribution to the U.S. economy, as illustrated by the facts below.

 Provides health and fitness services to over 39.4 million health club members;
 Generated $14.1 billion in revenue in 2003;
 Employs approximately 198,000 full-time employees and another 748,000 part-time employees;
 Pays an estimated $5.37 billion in total payroll and benefits;
 Pays an estimated $660 million in payroll taxes;
 Pays an estimated $245 million in federal taxes (Average federal tax rate (25%))
 Pays an estimated $49 million in state income taxes (Average state income tax rate (5%))
 Pays an estimated $294 million in state and federal taxes;
 Pays an estimated $222 million in real estate taxes;
 Pays an estimated $516 million in real estate, state, federal taxes.

Fast Fun Fitness is not a fitness franchise.

We offer a complete turn-key fitness business opportunity with no on-going royalties or licensing fees. You can choose to purchase one piece of exercise equipment, just a business start up manual or an entire club start up package, it's totally up to you.

We offer choices! Whether the need is a complete Turn-Key Start-Up Package, with top-of-the-line fitness equipment, complete operating system, fitness instructor certifications, marketing and opening support or just one item. Whether you’re a beginner, new to the industry, needing a step-by-step training program to help you open your first fitness center or an experienced fitness professional, Fast Fun Fitness can meet your needs.

Our Turn-Key Licensed Program comes complete with a full set of hydraulic fitness equipment, health club marketing materials, club management software and 5-days of training at the Fast Fun Fitness University of Club Management. You'll receive professional training from industry veterans in health club management, advertising and marketing, exercise physiology, weight management, membership sales and the list goes on.

When you leave you'll have two valuable certifications and you'll be prepared to launch your new hydraulic fitness business.



Our business trainers have owned and operated their own co-ed and women’s fitness centers and have extensive backgrounds in weight loss, wellness, sales, marketing, advertising, journalism, business management and banking.

Our fitness trainers have Master's Level Instructor Certifications and extensive backgrounds in fitness programming and weight management. They are also experienced at working with a varied clientele such as seniors, the overweight market, children and those that are physically challenged. You'll receive in-depth training on tracking the results of your members with state of the art technology tools that add value to your services. If you are already an owner or circuit training instructor and would like to learn how to keep clients getting those awesome results while increasing member retention, our trainers are available to come to your location for a one, two, or three day circuit training and will leave you with valuable instructor skills and advanced certifications.

On-Sight Opening Assistance is another popular service that our health club owners find invaluable. An experienced fitness trainer will fly to your fitness center, train your employees and help you get started on the right foot the first days of your opening!

We have an on-staff design team that can help you plan your club layout, marketing materials, brochures, web site and in-club promotions.

Graduation Dinner! Entertainment and humor is what you'll enjoy at our graduation dinner celebration upon the completion of the absolute best training money can buy!

Interactive Training!  Fast Fun Fitness offers one on one training at your facility with a Master Fast Fun Fitness Trainer!  Your training will work with you and your staff educating on club operation and hydraulic fitness, she will also be with you on your Grand Opening Day to help you sign up members, and will also be available for you for support even after she leaves your club!

About our equipment: We manufacture the highest quality commercial grade hydraulic fitness equipment on the market. 100% American Made hydraulic fitness equipment with specially designed hydraulic cylinders, physiologically correct framework and top of the line upholstery make this equipment worth checkingout!

Our Hydraulic Equipment - evolution to superior designs:

Over the last 9-years, we've had hands-on experience with various lines of hydraulic exercise equipment in our personally owned women’s fitness franchises, non-franchised women’s workout clubs, co-ed clubs, 850 plus Fast Fun Fitness Fitness For Women licensed clubs, as well as hundreds of our affiliate stand alone and franchised fitness centers.
We know fitness equipment and the hydraulic systems that work best!
After years of using various fitness equipment manufacturer’s lines and visiting numerous manufacturing facilities, our trainers, licensees and exercise physiologist concurred that there was a definite need for a superior hydraulic exercise machine with quality components and user friendly features that can withstand heavy use. That's how the Fast Fun Fitness hydraulic fitness equipment lines were born. Designed and manufactured with the end user in mind.

Our exclusive hydraulic fitness equipment designs:

are of the highest quality and manufactured by hydraulic exercise equipment experts with combined experience of over 70 years! We now have the most advanced velocity controlled exercise equipment made in America today.

One cylinder adjustment perfectly adjusts every time to keep the opposing muscle group from overworking. Fluid controlled cylinders make it the perfect choice for Senior Fitness Programming, Ladies Only Fitness market, and is strong enough to stand up to the Men's Only and heavy use Co-Ed markets. As the user fatigues and slows down, the resistance gets easier, regardless of the cylinder setting. The user can easily finish the timed interval without having to stop.

VALUE ADDED FEATURES: The little things count! Although our frames are heavy duty and tip proof each hydraulic fitness machine will move around your floor easily with custom designed wheels. The sturdy handles are germ resistant and the upholstery is body oil resistant! The large, easy to read control valve is at your finger tips. All of the features on our 2004 models make this hydraulic fitness equipment the ultimate choice for "user friendly" hydraulic circuit training.

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What else could you possibly want? Tell us, we just might add it to our list!

Ladies only fitness center, group personal training studio, men's only gym, senior fitness programming, weight management clinic, you name it, we can do it!

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